• Memopal Cloud Backup

    Keep safe everything that matters. on the cloud

    Creates a secured copy of your most important files

    About this product

    Defenx Cloud Backup creates a secure copy of your files, photo and folders on the cloud, allowing you to access and share them simply and securely.. if your computer or device breaks is stolen or even if a file is removed by accident you will always have a copy accessible.

    All devices, one place

    With the amount of devices you use – smartphone, tablet, computer, files, photos and sensitive data is recorded in many different places. This can prove difficulat to manage, making it complicated to find what your are looking for. You can install Defenx Cloud Backup on all Windows, Mac and Linux devices within the same license, making all files from all of your devices accessible and secure in just one place

    Access your files from anywhere. With any device

    You can securely access your files using Defenx Cloud BackUp from anywhere you are and from any device: smartphone, tablet, and other computers. Whether you are at home, in the office or on the move you can access all of your data simply and securely.

    Share your files

    You can share all of your files and folders in just one click with the peace of mind that your data is safe and secure.

    The features
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    Protect all your computers with the Memopal online backup function. If you need to free up space on your hard drive and want to delete files from your computer, don't worry, you will always have a copy of them on Memopal.


    Upload the files and folders you want to sync across all of your computers to Memopal Sync. Securely share folders; if a colleague deletes a file, you can always retrieve it.


    Choose Memopal and forget about lost files, stolen computers and damaged hard drives: all your data are safe forever in the cloud, and protected even against your own mistakes.


    You can install Memopal on all your desktop and mobile devices, manage all data with a single account, and access your files from any computer.


    MGSF (Memopal Global File System) is the proprietary storage technology created by Memopal and used by some of the largest telecommunications, data storage and IT security companies in the world.


    With Memopal you can share your pictures, documents and folders - even in excess of 1 GB - with friends and colleagues in just one click.

    Photo Albums

    Our web app arranges all your photos in albums, regardless of their position in your folders.

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