• Mobile Security Suite

    Keep your personal device private

    Defenx Mobile Security Suite is an application designed to safeguard mobile devices.

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    About this product

    Our Android solution keeps your data protected, prevents malware intrusions, provides anti-theft features and filters your messages. Our iOS solution provides anti-theft features and keeps you safe with full peace of mind while surfing in the web with our browser.

    Security & privacy while you are surfing or downloading apps

    Information on the device, app behaviour and potentially malicious activity is monitored by Defenx to thwart data theft and keep your device safe.

    Anti phising & Antivirus

    control all websites you visit and block access to those detected unsafe. The applications are constantly scanned to identify any presence of viruses and spy-ware.

    Create web site blacklists

    You can also create and manage a blacklist of website you want blocked, or choose among a list of categories suggested by the module

    Safe Browser

    if you want more security, for you or your children you can use the browser specially created for Defenx users.

    Webcam Protection

    the feature disables the access to Webcam for all applications in your device. This protects against unauthourised spying.

    SIM Protection

    If your SIM is removed a message will be sent via email and SMS.

    Keep your device free from spam

    Anti Spam controls for your SMS and MMS using the lists of welcome and unwelcome recipients, which you can create within settings.


    The Defenx dashboard helps the user access a quick view of their situation enabling you to manage various events and information within the device.

    The features
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    1. Locate : Is your device missing? Stolen? Use our web portal to locate your device, there you will be shown on Google Maps the exact location with a Pin.
    2. Lock & Wipe : Log into portal.defenx.com from any browser to quickly lock your device or delete your personal data id it is missing ot stolen.

    SIM Protection

    Send a notification in case of SIM change. If your SIM changes, a message will be sent via email and SMS, allowing you to respond quickly.


    Phishing is a fraud, cheaters try to persude you to give them your personal data. Anti-Phishing control all websites you visit, detect those considered unsafe and protect your personal data when browsign. To keep safe your data it blocks access to the website and takes you back to a safe landing page.


    Constantly controls your device, scanning all applications passing through it and identifying presence of viruses, spy-ware. Thre are milions of viruses. If it detects one of those, it prevent them to attack teh device, Information will be gathered and sent to our server for assessment.


    Does a complete control of SMS and MMS messages and helps you to minimize SPAM. From settings you can set which recepient is welcome or unwelcome. So you create your personal whitelist nad blacklist.

    Safe Browsing

    Allows to create a blaklist of unwanted website you would to be blocked. You can choose the category to block or you can create your own blaklist of unwanted websites.

    Safe Browser

    let you surf on web with a full protection.

    Cam Protection

    to protect you webcam, the feature disables the access to it for all applications in your device.

    MIC Capture

    allows you to remotely stream and record the audio from the microphone of your device. You can record for a maximum of time of 10 minutes. Records are saved and can be accessed later by a list of recorded audios.

    Photo Taking

    accessing our web portal, you can take photos from the camera of your device. Audio records and photos are saved on the web portal.

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