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    Mobile SOS Help Me

    Need help? defenx sos is always there for you

    The application aims to provide an SOS system that can be used in emergencies.

    About this product

    These days our mobile phone are always with us and thanks to Defenx SOS that means protection is always at your side, for you and your loved ones.
    For women, elderly relatives, children and your own personal safety, Defenx SOS is the safety application for smartphone. Defenx SOS provides an automatic alerting system when immediate assistance is required: assault, accident, sudden illness or a fall.

    In any of these scenarios Defenx SOS will launch a phone call or send an SOS notification to specific recipients that you have selected from your contact list, this alerts can be via SMS and email, with details of date, time, and position of device when the alert was triggered.

    This means that the recipients can provide urgent assistance.

    Automatic sos by fall detection

    Defenx SOS launches an automatic SOS request when the sensors of the device detect unusual momentum. Defenx SOS provides immediate assistance in case of an assault, fall or loss of consciounsess to help your loved one, even in a situation where they are unable to commnicate.

    Sos emergency panic button

    Defenx SOS can also be activated by a Bluetooth button that can be pressed to notify of help being needed: by pressing the panic button, Defenx SOS will send an SOS notification, vis SMS and email to your selected contacts with details of date, time and position of notification. This feature can provide peace of mind in so many different scenarios: jogging alone, walking home from work or school in the dark, an elderly relative alone.

    Event history

    Defenx SOS logs a history of events, providing details on date, time and location of any event triggered.

    The features
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    Fall Detection

    The sensor detects the device’s fall through the accelerometer, tracking your position at the moment of the fall to send notifications.

    Notification System

    The types of notifications that can be set and used are phone call, SMS and email, which will notify the recipients selected in the application.


    History logs are kept for every triggered alarm, which can be viewed in the history page. This will contain the details of date, time and GPS coordinates.

    Bluetooth Panic Button

    The alarm can also be triggered by external Bluetooth buttons.

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